Meet the Finalists

  • Health X

Health X

Brittany Rogers | Obria Shaw | Awele Utomi 

Health X is a biotechnology company that specializes in the creation of innovative healthcare solutions. Health X was inspired by the fight against the Coronavirus. The outbreak has shown how increasingly vulnerable patient care has become. Until a majority of the U.S. population becomes vaccinated, hospital conditions will continue to be worn thin. COVID-19 patients have been prioritized at this time, which has created an excessive backlog of essential care that will cause irreversible ramifications, leaving communities, primarily of color, without the appropriate care. As a result, many patients have not been able to access care. Our solution to bridging this healthcare gap as a company has been to provide Health X, a healthcare data technology service designed to create a consolidated network of healthcare professionals, as well as wellness tools to members around the world. Our current venture includes a cloud-based healthcare management software that enables greater access to medical treatment, advice, and professionals.

We aim to create cutting-edge biotechnology designed to bridge the gap between healthcare and at-risk communities around the globe. We hope to encourage wellness education & patient care as an essential practice for both physicians and their patients. Health X is a subscription-based service offered to healthcare providers to not only connect them with patients via an online interface, but also organize appointments, care plans, billing, and more. In addition, Health X is designed to be compatible with fitness wearables and other medical accessories to deliver precise health statistics in real-time.

  • AnimaCation


Stephen A. Wilks

Stephen Wilks 

In this day and age, traditional learning styles are being rendered ineffective. As students become immersed in a more digital and visual world, standard teaching styles of only auditory and written instruction don't effectively engage the majority of students. Research has shown that using visual aids in lessons raise learning with various degrees of success, humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and 60 percent of individual learn visually. Yet, K12 continues to leverage auditory learning styles, especially in reading and writing. Neglect of visual learning styles in education is in part a direct result of school systems in the United States that have failed to engage students who don’t enjoy learning and practicing writing. When fewer students enjoy writing, diversity in storytelling, creative writing, and media all suffer.

AnimaCation's goal is to solve this lack of interest in writing by using technology to add creative and engaging aspects into every student’s learning. AnimaCation, a mix of animation and education, combines visual learning and creativity with education. The company's mission is to equip and develop students into confident, skilled writers within our public schools, especially in traditionally under-resourced areas and ultimately increase the representation of people of color as well-known authors, film directors, script writers, and broadcasters in the United States. 

  • Trade Smart

Trade Smart

Untitled design (2)-1

TradeSmart is an education technology solution for stock investors. The app will provide investors with key insights on business financials, ratios, reports, and news and also teach new traders how to use these resources to analyze a stock and make educated trading decisions. The rise of Robinhood and other online stock brokers has been accompanied by a large increase in the number of people trading stocks in the US and abroad. In March of this year after the crash of the stock market as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic I became one of these new investors in the stock market. Like many others I began my trading journey by watching youtube videos and keeping up with financial news. I used apps like bloomberg and yahoo and email subscriptions to business newsletters like the Morning Brew. Since the start of my trading journey my methods have not evolved much. I have found one important new resource, Mergent online. It is an online business and financial information database that Howard Students are enabled to access through our School of Business Library.

The database centralized my research. Instead of going to different news apps for updates about a particular stock and visiting each stock's individual website to find reports, I could find all of the information I needed on one database. TradeSmart will allow users to create a watchlist of their favorite stocks, for which they will be provided all of the ratios, reports, and news updates needed to make educated decisions. This tackles another problem that a lot of new traders face. Companies release reports and information on their own time and often give investors little notice about when important information will be released. Tradesmart will notify traders about new stock news and reports so that they will never miss out on important information.

A big differentiator between TradeSmart and its competitors is the calculator of key financial ratios in the areas of leverage ratios, profitability ratios, growth ratios, and assets management ratios. We will provide these ratios for our users and also teach them the implications of these calculations by comparing them to financial history/projections, industry averages, and competitors.

  • KOPE


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Chris-Annthia Johnson | Shuhab Elhag | Mohammed Akinbayo | Michaella Henry 

Through the years we have seen that there is a lack of health resources in the tech space that
holistically cater to mental health. US Adults struggle to find comprehensive resources that assist with their mental disorders and given the current pandemic, there has been a 29% uptick in persons experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Kope is a mental health application software which will be operating in the digital health tech space. The KOPE app informs, engages, and helps users monitor their behaviors through specific features, tools and resources within the app. We are adopting a freemium model for its operations as we have found it to be the most feasible in relation to the value proposition and market strategy that will be employed. The free version will give users access to the community feed and with a subscription fee of $7.50/month, users will have access to the community feed and other key features within the app. Upon extensive research of the market, the primary target audience for the KOPE app is men and women ages 18-40 years old.
  • EMU


headshotEric Green | Spencer Marshall
EMU is an application, adapter combo that allows gamers to hear their game audio and chat live with cross-platform friends. Currently, there is no way to be in a Discord, Playstation, or Xbox party and converse with friends while playing the increasing number of cross-platform games. We are creating a third-party communication software and adapter that plugs into controllers or computers headphone jacks connects to the user’s app where they join the party and through Bluetooth, we are able to give live game chat audio and live to chat audio simultaneously as if they were on the same platform. Currently, there are over 100 million cross-platform gamers daily across a growing catalog. However with a growing amount of PlayStation players disliking the new party format and terms of use updates many players are scared to act like their true selves in the party as party chats are now record by SONY. So we will be able to capture the same platform party chat audience as well.

With the rise of ESPORTs and streamers, we will be able to advertise easily by sponsoring Esports teams that amass millions of viewers to twitch streams daily. We also recognize that not every gamer has enough friends to play with so we offer a community hub where you can search for open parties for specific games or just open parties. Gamers have a strong network effect and once one member of the gamer squad gets EMU then their friends will follow allowing us to eventually rely solely on network marketing and sponsoring Esports teams for brand recognition. We have a great opportunity to solve an ongoing problem in the gaming community and have high exit potential from a gaming headset and accessory company like Razor or Corsair.